How to Pick the Best Dog Name for Your New Pup

You lock eyes with your new furry friend at the shelter or an adoption event. You know it’s meant to be, so you scoop them up and take them home.

There’s so much to do! Paperwork, vet appointments, new dog gear—toys, beds, treats, and home decor are a must! And of course, you have to name your new family member.

Like two-legged kids, you don’t have a lot of time to get your know your new addition before giving them a moniker. For us, Yellow Dog and Sundown were fairly easy to name, but Mocha—now affectionately and more aptly named Squeak—was more difficult to pin down.

Maybe you’re like us and are indecisive about your new dog’s name because you just don’t know their personality yet. Or maybe you want something unique. After all, some of the most popular names might be getting old—who wants to be the third Cooper or Bella at the dog park?

Either way, Shutterfly’s dog name generator can help.

First you pick your dog’s gender, or if you prefer a gender neutral name. Then, your style! Here are your options:

  • Famous
  • Hipster
  • Historic
  • Popular
  • Unique
  • All of the above

Voila! Dozens of names to choose from!

Here are the top-ten most popular names, if you’re looking for those, or looking to avoid them:

Five Tricks to Hide Pet Smells When Selling Your House

By: Kyle McKay

You’ve rolled on a fresh coast of paint and banished the battered Barcalounger into storage – it’s time to sell your house! But no matter how delightful your digs, pet odors can make even the most beautiful homes a bust. Don’t let your four-legged love chase away perfectly good prospects! When it’s time to open your doors to the buying public, freshen your nest with these simple tips.

1. Clean everything

This may seem like obvious advice, but smells can hide disguised in places you wouldn’t expect. It’s worth it to invest in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning but also give linens, pillows, throws and curtains a regular spin in the washing machine while your realtor is showing your home.

Yellow Dog Blog

Dog beds can be stinky! Make sure you run them through the washing machine or even replace them if they are more than a year old.

Don’t forget about dog beds! Many have removable covers that are machine washable. If yours doesn’t, or if your best friend’s bunk is more than a year old, you may want to purchase a new one.

2. Ditch the wicks

A home full of lit candles could raise a red flag for potential buyers appraising your abode. If you need a quick and dirty fix to perfume over your pup, go for something more subtle. Wax warmers, strategically placed plug-ins and baking soda-based carpet powders can snuff out anything unpleasant to sniff in a pinch.

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Lights! Camera! Puppies!

Yellow Dog wanted some new headshots, so we invited photographer Billy Poon over to capture Yellow in all his glory! Of course, Yellow was a little ham for the camera. Sundown tagged along, but he was more interested in getting petted by Billy than taking pictures, except when it came to cookies!

Jacqueline Bennett KRON 4 News

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Happy New Year!

So we’ve been vacationing and enjoying the holidays. But we’re back! And we’ve got lots of good content in store for January.

dog wtih bug bite belly rash

Yellow developed a belly rash over the holidays. We suspect it’s from an allergy to a type of grass, but we’ll see!

We’re going to talk about the pros and cons of pet insurance and compare various companies. We will begin our quest to find out exactly what allergies Yellow suffers from and the extent of testing needed to figure it out. And we’ve got a behavioral video showing how to help your dog get over fear of things like the vacuum. Plus, we’ll stay on top of all the latest dog news.

We would also love to hear from you! What would you like YDB to cover in the coming year?

Happy New Year from Yellow Dog and his blog!

Meet Yellow Dog!

yellowtuckedinSF Dog Connect is hosting a Meetup event Saturday, August 17 and Yellow Dog will be making an appearance! As if meeting Yellow isn’t enough, you’ll get free training tips from professional trainer Beverly Ulbrich and connect with other dog owners in the San Francisco dog community. Hurry and sign up, spots are limited!


The name’s Dog, Yellow Dog. I was a stray on the mean streets of Bakersfield and picked up by animal control. The shelter was close to putting me to sleep but I was rescued by Hound Haven Rescue in Oakland and am now living the good life in San Francisco. I’m a Dachshund mix; Mommy says probably with Jack Russell or Corgi. I enjoy bully sticks, long walks on the beach, wrestling with my brother Sundown and snuggling with Mommy. I’ve got a big personality—I’m Yellow and I know it! Welcome to my blog!