What to Never, Ever Feed Your Dog

Just about everyone on the planet knows chocolate is toxic to dogs. But there are many other food items that are dangerous for your dog to consume.


Before we were aware of this one, we noticed Yellow was reluctant to eat grapes that fell on the floor. Good thing, too! dog avoids eating grapesGrapes have a toxin that can cause severe kidney or liver damage, even in small amounts. Also be wary of giving your dog human cookies that may contain raisins.

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Inspirational Special-Needs Dog Learns to Walk

Special-needs dogs are probably the least sought-after adoptable pups, and the ones who need help the most. One rescue, The Mia Foundation, recently took in and rehabilitated a pup with “Swimmer Puppy Syndrome,” a birth defect that prevents a dog from standing or walking.  Watch the inspirational story here, and remember to give all dogs a chance!


Meet Yellow Dog!

yellowtuckedinSF Dog Connect is hosting a Meetup event Saturday, August 17 and Yellow Dog will be making an appearance! As if meeting Yellow isn’t enough, you’ll get free training tips from professional trainer Beverly Ulbrich and connect with other dog owners in the San Francisco dog community. Hurry and sign up, spots are limited!